Dan’s Music

Dan’s Music is available everywhere you are used to purchasing and streaming Music

Debut Album: Be Thankful

An album of intimate, personal songs of faith and family in a wide variety of styles from folk to rock.

Second Release: Summer

These songs are themed around the celebration of the joys of summer. From childhood experiences to the delight of the ocean, these songs capture the mood and joy of summertime with a variety of genres.

Third Album: Christmas of the Ancestors

The style of “Christmas of the Ancestors The “style” of Christmas of the Ancestors is classical, spiritual, rocking, mellow, traditional, original, close to family, unique; my usual eclectic style with a healthy dose of violin, cello, and wonderful female vocals!

Latest Release: Ancient Dreams

This fourth compilation from Dan Hanczar is an EP of three eclectic songs that relate to Middle American history.

Other Music: YouTube Channel.

Dan also has music that wasn’t distributed through the usual channels, but are on YouTube. If you are looking for a song you can’t find on his other albums, take a look at Dan’s YouTube channel. Some of his music is there.